Miss La Sen is a fictional character in boardgame, comic books, cartoon clips and Miss La Sen spring roll etc... With this guide, you can make a Miss La Sen lantern easily.

Step 1: Download This Pattern and Print It Out in A2 Size Paper. You Can Print It Directly on the Cardboard.

Step 2: You Can Print It Out on the Cardboard or on the Normal Paper, Then You Can Glue It on the Cardboard.

Cut out 2 Miss La Sen sides.

Step 3: Cut the Bracket Like the Picture.

Step 4: Cut the Glass Paper and Use the Glue-gun to Glue It Onto the 2 Sides of Miss La Sen.

Step 5: The Side of Miss La Sen After Glueing

Step 6: The 2 Sides of Miss La Sen After Glueing the Glass Paper.

Step 7: Roll the Bracket Into the Round, Glue 2 Ends of the Bracket Together.

You can punch a hole on this bracket to insert the small electric light at the top of the lantern.

Step 8: Glue the Arrows on the Brackets Onto the First Miss La Sen Side or You Can Punch the Holes and Insert the Arrows in the Holes.

Step 9: Glue the Second Miss La Sen Side Onto the Arrows on the Brackets.

Step 10: 2 Sides of Miss La Sen Are Connected to the Bracket.

Step 11: Use a Red Tassel

Step 12: Add the Red Tassel at the Bottom of the Lantern.

Step 13: You Can Use the Paper Sheet to Connect at the Top of the 2 Sides of Miss La Sen Together.

Use a string to tie at the top of the lantern. Take a bar to tie the top and hold it.

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