Miss La Sen Lunar New Year Lantern.



Introduction: Miss La Sen Lunar New Year Lantern.

You can make a lantern for celebrating Lunar new year. It’s very simple. Miss La Sen is a fictional character in Sorim story boardgame, cartoon clips, comic books and Miss La Sen spring roll.

Step 1: Download This Pattern.

Step 2: Print It Out in A3 Size Paper on the Thick Cardboard or Glue Many Layers of Paper.

Step 3: Cut the Lantern Form. You Can Use the Cardboard or Trace It on the Felt, Foam.

Step 4: Cut the Window in Each Side. You Have 4 Sides.

Step 5: Use the Glass Paper. Cut 4 Pieces of Glass Paper to Glue on 4 Windows.

Step 6: The 4 Ovals on the Top Like the Picture.

Step 7: Glue 2 Ends of the Lantern Together. Cut the Square for the Bottom.

Step 8: Punch 4 Holes on the Bottom to Poke the Arrow Tabs on the Square Onto These Holes.

Step 9: Put the Candle in the Lantern.

Step 10: Cut the Miss La Sen Head’s Elements.

Step 11: Glue the Elements Like the Picture.

Step 12: Glue Miss La Sen's Head Onto the Lantern and Burn the Candle in the Lantern.

Step 13: Insert the String Onto 2 Sides of the Lantern to Hang or Hold.



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