Miss Pink Hat Lady (doll)


Introduction: Miss Pink Hat Lady (doll)

I crochet dolls, and make my own patterns for them. Someone issued me a challenge. She wanted me to make her version of a Pink Hat Lady (the younger group of the Red Hat Ladies).

The body had to look tanned, so I used a light brown yarn. The doll had to be wearing a low cut pink top, lavender mini skirt, cowboy boots and a cowboy hat. As you can see, I used yarn in those colors to make her outfit. She also wanted her to be carrying a purse with beaded fringe. I made the purse using pale pink yarn and used a decorative button as the clasp. I added the light pink boa that I made with Fun Fur yarn as an added piece.

I don't think I would do anything different if I were to make her again.



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    What a great doll. I absolutely love her! Cora

    I think that is adorable, and you are extraordinarily talented.

    I really cute doll

    Now that doll has STYLE!!! I love her hat and her scarf, and she is so cute in her sunglasses!!! You do great work!

    You know why I don't like this? Because I don't. I love it. :-) Nice job, I would not want one because I am a boy, but this is very good, I bet people would love these.

    She did an excellent job on this doll. It is truly a one of a kind item. The picture with the sunglasses makes this doll have personality.