Step 6: Further Ideas

Picture of Further Ideas

Don't limit yourself by what I have written here. Use this as a starter for a personal project:

> Build several rockets to different designs and compare them.

> Challenge friends to rocketry competitions, or enter properly organised events yourself. School laboratories lack carpets, and should be fully equipped with fire extinguishers and first-aid supplies, so make good venues for matchstick rocket ranges. All you need is a friendly science teacher. As many pubs lack carpets, they can be popular locations for matchstick rocket ranges as well. Just remember - alcohol and rockets don't mix, and alcoholic spirits are flammable!

> Are you a Beaver, Cub or Scout? Water and A-R rockets can count towards several different badges, depending how you approach it.

> What about a Science Fair? Imagine the judge's face when you turn up with a whole rocket range in an Altoid tin!

Above all, be safe and have fun - these are real rockets, with real potential for fun and education, as well as the real dangers involved.
Pfarmkid3 years ago
What do they call Boy Scout of America across the pond or is it just Boy Scouts or just Scouts
Kiteman (author)  Pfarmkid3 years ago
Here, in the birth-place of Scouting, we just call it "Scouting" (since girls are allowed to join as well).