Introduction: Missile Launcher

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When the times comes you better be ready! Ready to blow that stuff out of the sky.

Step 1: Recycle

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The best part of any project is finally finding a use for the junk you stored around your house for years. BAM!!! It finally clicks. You know what you are going to use those old water conditioner cylinders for. Let's make a BOMB!

Step 2: You Are Never Going to Get Anywhere Unless You Learn to Cut Some Corners. HaHahaha

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Step 3: Fins

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A 2x4 up the center of the tube, the hole had to be squared out a bit to fit the 2x4 and then screw in the other end keeps everything together. slap on your fins and then add some paint. Done!

Step 4: Get Your Angle Set. Aim High!!

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what good is a BOMB unless you have something to launch it from. I used the cargo basket from the car and built a wooden frame from plywood and 2x4's. cut out a contour shape of the cylinder so it wouldn't roll off and explode on the ground.

Step 5: There It Is.

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Step 6: Plus 2

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and if you have a 500lb Bomb you have to have some Stinger Missiles to back it up.

Step 7: Test Fit

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ok let's see how it looks up there. Lights have to have light too. the nose cones for the missles are plastic cemetery vases you can put flowers in. there were attached by drilling a hole in the side a filled with expandable spray foam. some epoxy was also used later for a tighter bond.

Step 8: Labels

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Step 9: Show It Off

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Step 10: Don't Get Caught !!!!!

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Step 11: Have Fun, Be Creative. Hope You Liked My Props!

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This NOT a real Bomb!!!


JayF49 (author)2016-09-16

I love it!

Trying to figure out how to adapt the Stingers to fit on my Dodge Intrepid.

foobear (author)2013-11-20

cool prop - but around where I live you'd have homeland security surrounding you in 10 minutes or less

technologyguy (author)2013-11-08

Coolest thing I've seen. Hint, don't be driving near any airports, military bases... Come to think about it, just about anywhere else!!!!!

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