I will show you how to make this litle MissingNo!

My english is so bad, so i will use very few words.

Step 1: Materials

You will need this.
OK this is freaking awesome. I will make this in honor of the missing no. I had in Yellow version that evolved in to a Kangaskhan that knew two water guns and fly.
<p>I so want to do this! It sounds really easy and fun to do! :D</p>
I lost all my shiny cards because I bet the Missingno plushie didn't exists :(. <br> <br>Just kidding, that was the real missingno. Great job!
will this plushie corrupt my saved game file?
Probably, but it will give you a lot of copies of your 6th item xD
LOL! The layers of geek here are many. You got my vote for that alone.
TY! :D

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