Step 1: Materials

You will need this.

Step 2: The pattern

Picture of The pattern
first you need to have a image of every face of a 3D MissingNo.

You can use Photoshop, Gimp, MS Paint or download my version. (3 images in a .ZIP)

Anyway, be sure that yu don't make diferent sizes.

Step 3: Printing

wel... follow the pictures... xD

Step 5: Turn and fill it!

First you need to turn the MissingNo, remember, a chopstik is usefull.

Step 6: Close it!

Picture of Close it!
close it, like in the image.
bechegaray1 year ago

I so want to do this! It sounds really easy and fun to do! :D

gabrieltaft2 years ago
I lost all my shiny cards because I bet the Missingno plushie didn't exists :(.

Just kidding, that was the real missingno. Great job!
code_neon2 years ago
will this plushie corrupt my saved game file?
cosarara (author)  code_neon2 years ago
Probably, but it will give you a lot of copies of your 6th item xD
Javin0072 years ago
LOL! The layers of geek here are many. You got my vote for that alone.
cosarara (author)  Javin0072 years ago
TY! :D