To give you a little bit of history, I have worked at Instructables.com for about two years now. I came on as an intern, and Mike Warren, aka Mikeasaurus was one of the first people I met when I started.

His desk was right next to mine, and we would banter back and forth about how to do things 'the right way' in photoshop, and brainstorm ways to prank other people in the office, but mostly Randy.

For the last 20 months or so, Mike was working remotely from Vancouver, Canada. The entire office missed his antics terribly. When we heard he was coming back we were all pretty elated. I knew there had to be some way to make his return a little bit of a big deal, and decided to make him a Mission Accomplished sign, you know, just like George Dub-ya had on that boat.

Step 1: Designing the Sign.

I really considered my source content. I wanted to make sure I was doing 'merica justice by making this sign.

I found some stock imagery of a flag, and then dragged it into Adobe Illustrator. I used the most American font I had in my fontbook, and turned it yellow with a really sharp emboss effect. Nothing says 'merica more than embossed text.

I have included my .eps file in this step for you to download and print if you like.
<p>This is my favourite Instructable. You're the BEST Audrey!</p>
The horse head reminded me of a video I say on a channel called tomska
<p>correct your grammar!</p><p>(whatever)</p>
<p>Bahaha you are amazing!</p>
<p>yay, Mike is back! Btw. Audrey I just saw, that you have reached a million. Congrats!</p>
<p>If you're looking to do this (and don't have a versacamm printer), a local printer should be able to print a similar image for you. Not for free, though. Start with A4 paper if you're ballin' on a budget.</p>
<p>i had to use rasterbator when i had to enlarge something at work, i was able to print it off on the office copy machine, it would have been 75 bucks for the office supply place to do it. </p>
<p>Oh man, I forgot about that tool! When I was in highschool, I made a big wall mural for my bedroom of boy band that will not be named. I used like 50 pieces of paper and all the ink in my printer to do it.</p><p><a href="http://rasterbator.net/">http://rasterbator.net/</a></p>
<p>Hmm, back when this hit the news it was an underreported fact that the &quot;Mission Accomplished&quot; banner was for an actual single military mission. It was never intended to be an end of a war. Wonder why people like to bash with bad information? </p><p>Nice job on the &quot;how-to&quot; part though! :)</p>
<p>Because They've never deployed let alone served and the only thing they know is to regurgitate bad information.</p>
Great fun. How about an instructable project that you can't keep. You know, if you like your instructable you can keep your instructable. Maybe an empty box marked &quot;promises&quot;.
<p>Needs more animated GIFs</p>

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