Step 21: How to Build an Authentic Handcart

To find plans for building an authentic Mormon pioneer handcart, search on GOOGLE for: "how to build a handcart" or "Mormon hand cart plans".
You would need to check to see where you would be going on the trek. If you are going to the historical Mormon handcart trail, the carts will be provided. These carts are authentic and have wooden spoke wheels. Some activities, such as the scout outing that resulted in the construction of this cart, allow you to use your own cart. Additionally, because this cart has similar clearance and handling as the original carts, it can be a good resource to practice with before going on a trek,
I'm not old enough to go on a pioneer trek yet, but hopefully I will next year. Do you really need to build your own cart?
i'm going on a trek in a couple weeks. mormon 4 life
Me too!
Me three!!!!! <br>
nice jeep unlimited are those 33s or 35s nice aftermarket bumper lovin it all <br/>if ur not on this site u need to be<br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.jk-forum.com/index.php">http://www.jk-forum.com/index.php</a><br/>
They are 37s. You can see the jeep on the jk-forum. My son Joe works for TERAFLEX and represents them on the forum. He was kind enough to let us use his JK as the background for the photo.
Just Curious Whats that thing weigh by itself to drag around empty ?
fretted, <br>Sitting level, with the handle resting on a stool, the wheels have a weight of about 93 lbs each and the handle is 5 lbs. This is according to my bathroom scales. Each wheel and tire is probably 40% or so of the individual wheel weight. The total empty weight is just over 190 lbs. <br> <br>The axle is about 2 inches to the rear of the center of the bed, so it is fairly well balanced. I just pulled it over 4 inches of snow to be able to get it to the porch to weigh it. It is not hard to drag around, especially when it has a light enough footprint to not break through the crust on top of the snow. <br> <br>I see that you have an Instructable for using chain saw cut wood to make flooring. Last year, in our yard, we removed two 40' tall trees and did major trimming on a third one. We used this cart extensively to move all of the trimmings, branches and logs out of the yard. <br> <br>Let me know if you make a cart and what design works best for you. <br>Thanks for the question, <br>grandpajoe <br> <br>
Thats awsome i was wondering about balance but it seems from the pics not to be to burdensome got a freind wants to build a movable chicken coop and i showed him this he said it's exactly what he wants so when he gets it built i'll be sure to post a pic or 2 <br> <br>Thanks a bunch
fretted, <br>In thinking about a coop on wheels, do you know how many doors are on a chicken coop? There are only two. If it had four, it would be a sedan.
aww man that is a lucky guy i want to work for teraflex ive actually talked to your son then he helped me out alot when i was learning about lifts and stuff too bad i got banned from jk forum lol it was so funny one day we had 45 plus in the florida section we were all banned it was funny heheheheh so do u get the hookup with teraflex
sry for the last part it seems like im trying to con u or something it just sort of popped in to my head as a question and i didnt feel like moving the cursor so lol
I've been on two Treks. THEY WERE SO FUN! I went on one while I was in Arizona...in the middle of FEBRUARY! It was nuts. I froze that night, but I think my sleeping bag got wet. :-( It was still tons of fun though. I learned how to do one of the dances they did back then. Can't remember what it was called, which is really a bummer.
I think it would be more fun in the Middle east. Hike through Saudi Arabia and Yemen, where Lehi's family first did it.
better yet ride a camel
dude are you lds cause I'm too, also very nice Instructables
This is not a religious forum...but since you asked, yes I am a member of the LDS Church. Thanks for asking. As a note of interest, I am a leukemia (AML) survivor. I credit the Mormon Church's heath guidelines (Word or Wisdom) for the fact that at the age of 59, my health was adequate for me to qualify for and to survive a full bone marrow transplant. The Huntsman Cancer Hospital and University of Utah Hospital are the best....
IIIRC, the <a rel="nofollow" href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mormon_handcart_pioneers">Mormon handcart expeditions</a> didn't seem to work out so well...<br/><br/>
The link you have provided is a useful one. It provides good background information on the Mormon Handcart Expeditions and a number of links to related information. The stories of the Willie and Martin handcart companies have always interested me. Given the circumstances they were in, choosing to stay in a hostile situation, making the trip with only what they could carry, or using the handcarts, it was not an easy decision. I failed to mention it in the handcart precautions, but this is not an all-weather vehicle. Other than the provisions it can carry, it provides little protection in a blizzard. Thanks for the comment and the link. They help add depth to the subject.
Reminds me a lot of the donkey carts that are in morocco.
This would make for a nice garden cart... I like it alot, nice Instructable!

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