Picture of Mistick - as in Mist Stick!

Summer is a great time for getting outdoors and enjoying time with family and friends, only sometimes the enjoyment is curtailed by the brutal summer heat. The Mistick is here to help!! There are many products available to provide a cooling mist in a fixed area, such as attached to a deck or awning, but what about in the middle of the yard where people are sitting and you don't want to get drenched from a sprinkler?

Drive a Mistick into the ground and turn on the water, instant cooling mist where you want it. You can move it easily so the wind can carry the mist to you rather than having to move to where the wind sends the mist from a fixed system. Wind changes direction? No problem, pull up the Mistick and move it to where it needs to be!

Lets get this thing built!

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Step 1: Tools and materials

Picture of Tools and materials

Simple tools are needed for this build:

Hot glue gun (if you want to use it)


5/32" drill bit

5/16" drill bit

Materials are easy too. I picked all of the PVC up at my local Lowes so those are the numbers listed but you can get it at any home improvement center. The tent stake is available from many locations. I have the parts listed to make one Mistick, but because you only need 6 of the mist heads for each one, I got enough parts to make 2 of them for around $15.00 total and doubled the fun.

1 ea - 10" nail type tent stake - $ 0.50 (Walmart)

1 pkg - Mister Landscaper 12-pack quarter circle spray heads - #8269 - $5.86

1 ea - Apollo 1/2" PVC male adapter - #194638 - $1.92

2 ea - Lasco 1/2" PVC end cap - #23937 - $0.29

1 ea - Lasco 1/2" 90 degree Tee (slip/threaded) - #23930 - $0.66

1 ea - Charlotte 1/2"x5' PVC pipe - #23967 - $1.17 (you will need to cut a 1-1/2" piece off the end of this for a connector)

One last thing you will need is a plastic cap (or two depending on how thick they are) from an empty soda or water bottle.

As an alternative to the spray heads listed, you can use true brass mist heads to confine the mist to a smaller area and not use as much water. Here in Kansas I want the wind to help cool as large an area as possible and we do have the wind! One option is the Orbit Mist nozzle (Model# 10106H) available at several locations online at around $10.00/5 pack. Be sure to check the thread diameter and drill an appropriate size hole.

Congrats on the win! I bet a lot of people are out frolicking in their misters right now. You are great!

IamGutter (author)  emilygraceking6 months ago

Thanks so much! We need to get our projects together. Enjoying a hammock with a nice cool mist over you, what could be better?

Reminds me of another good write-up for a kid wash a few years ago

viola.antwine8 months ago

Using this to water your garden in the early morning or later afternoon would be a great idea. I would not do it in the heat of the day, though.

jfarhoud8 months ago
I think kipkay copied your idea
cwillis48 months ago
I need to try thos one.

Great instructable. Thank you.

Can anybody recommend a mister as opposed to a spray head? I've tried to find the little brass ones. A brand and model number would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks again.

IamGutter (author)  Ricardo Furioso8 months ago

You can find the Orbit ArizonaMist nozzle (Model# 10106H) at several locations online for around $10.00/5 pack. Be sure to check the diameter of the threads to drill the proper size hole. I have also updated the Instructable to include these as an alternative. Thanks!!

tjk19398 months ago

Nice Ible, however I think I will use regular "misters" rather than spray heads. I want cool, not wet, no grass here in AZ.

IamGutter (author)  tjk19398 months ago

You're right, these heads do put out a lot of water but are considerably less expensive than the brass "mister" heads I have seen. As I live in Kansas, we generally have enough wind that I can set these up at the other end of the yard and the water will be much more of a mist by the time we feel it, plus it cools a large area. Thanks!!

AmyLuthien8 months ago

Good idea! I may make a horizontal version of this to put over my gardens that are suffering in the high heat. Thanks!

Jelfia8 months ago

You could attach it to a flat board instead of the nail. I have realy hard rocky ground and it almost impossible to stick something like that in the ground especially in the summer. otherwise this will be perficited four our get togethers.

This is perfect for summer! When I was younger and competed at horse shows the really rich barns would always have these and it was so nice in 90 degree heat!

I hadn't thought about using them to cool livestock, but that is a great idea!!

Well, it cooled the horses as well as the kids who were working there, like me! haha

gattlinggun8 months ago
I think this is incredibly useful, i never would have thought of this.
Thanks for the great instructable!
IamGutter (author)  gattlinggun8 months ago

My family and neighbors love them!

dimdiode8 months ago

Simple, effective and elegant solution. Nicely done.

IamGutter (author)  dimdiode8 months ago

Thanks!! Great description, I appreciate it!

dadsaid5x8 months ago


gravityisweak8 months ago

Awesome! Now how about making a circular one of these attached to the front of a fan, to have the fan blow the mist? Bend the pvc with a heat gun and do almost the same setup as this! Also, Ive seen some misters set up with inline water filters. I am assuming it is very easy to clog one of these after using it for a while?

IamGutter (author)  gravityisweak8 months ago

Great idea, just have to be careful using water around a fan if it isn't rated for wet locations. These mist heads put out a lot of water! I have used this brand of head on a couple of projects and haven't had an issue with clogging yet, but they are pretty easy to screw out and clean if they do. Thanks for the comment!!