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I bought a new miter saw and immediately started making a stand with it.  Sort of an M.C. Escher kind of thing went on.  I looked at a whole lot of examples on here and other places, and pulled them all together to make my own design. 

I have some 32" wings fold out with some door hinges.  The genius part (I know I'm too humble) is how I secured the brace pieces.  I cut the brace at 45* angles and then screwed down other pieces with 45* angles to hold everything together.  I screwed little wooden pieces on either side to hold the brace in, except on the stand part where I left one side open to remove it.  (Check the pictures cause that was as confusing as all get-out)

Anyway as far as dimensions use the saw itself to judge, but my top shelf is 16" x 20" and everything is set at 34 1/4" high because that's the height of my table saw, so now the wings can by an outfeed table or side support with some finnagling.


temper (author)2012-12-29

Nice, I suppose I would have put it on casters but it is probably relatively easy to move around as is?

pat42586 (author)temper2012-12-29

No its actually not. Not because of the weight but because there's no where to grab it. Casters will be added or handles. Thanks for the comment!

rimar2000 (author)2012-12-29

Very good idea, I am thinking to copy it.

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Bio: I'm an aircraft mechanic, and I recently got into woodworking. I'm learning, so comments are appreciated.
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