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Introduction: Mithril's Minutes - Mjonir

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Introducing a new project - Mithril's minutes, in which I make and share minecraft projects within 10-20 minutes. To start off is Thor's hammer - Mjonir!

Step 1: Base

Start by simply using silver blocks to build this base.

Step 2: Development

Build upon the base until it looks more or less like a hammer. This one is 14 blocks high if correct.

Step 3: Grip

Now the grip. This is just 3x3 wooden blocks, that goes 12 blocks in length.

Step 4: Handle

Finishing off with the handle. Red cotton bricks, 10 blocks used in total, resembling an 0 shape if the screenshot isn't brilliant.

Step 5: Time!

This took 15 minutes from the base to publishing! Next week the letter will be A, so please request a Mithril's minute and I will create the best request within 30 minutes so comment soon!



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    Well not my logo, but the logo I use for my user

    It's my logo I used, didn't want to show the finished thing until the end of the project

    You ought to make your first image one of the finished project, and not a copyright image that is nothing to do with the project.