Mitre Fence Modification for Your Table Saw


Introduction: Mitre Fence Modification for Your Table Saw

Making a mitre fence modification can be easier then you think. The mitre fence that came with your table saw (most likely) suck. Use any hard wood you have around the shop to make your own. In this video I show how to make an easy T slot for an adjustable stop to get repeated cuts. If i can do this.. you can do this. See the woodworking junkie on youtube for more projects like this! have a great day guys!



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    I've done this in the past, and I went back to using dimensionally stable plywood as my miter gage back board. Decent plywood is just going to stay straighter than natural wood will. I really don't care how it looks. I just care about how it performs.

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    Very true man, I tend to just use whatever I have around the shop. In this case... Maple.

    great video! You have a lot of really good ideas...

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    Thank you much man! I'm working on another tip video over the weekend.