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 This is a Winter stuff dryer build from an old coat tree. It is very use full to dry stuff and at the same time it's easier to find the glove going with the other one. I build it up fast just to get it ready for the winter, so I don't take time to paint it and sand  it on the top of  each pole to make it more easier to put stuff on it. Anyway that give you an idea of what I build up.

Sorry for the writing I am a lot more Franco than Anglo. ;-)

Step 1: What You Need.

1- 1 X Flat drill Bit of the size you gonna buy your wood stick (9/16 for me)
2- 9/16 Wood stick cut a 6 inch
3- I used Drywall screws #8 X 2 1/2" but they are realy hard to cut.(cost me 2 grinder disk)
4- Coat tree of course
5-A grinder or metal saw or god cutter

Step 2: First Step

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 First you need to cut your wood stick at 6 inch each. And drill a little hole in it right in the middle. That's help to screw it on the coat tree later.

Step 3: Next...

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 Now the hardest part, drill your hole with the flat drill bit at 45 degres and all at the same distance. After that put your screw in each hole, and cut the head with a grinder.

Step 4:

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 Now screw the stick on the screw. And if you want , sand the top of the stick to make it easier to put stuff on it.


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