Picture of Mix & Match Video Game Characters
This is my entry for the games.life competition.
It is basically a booklet with the heads, torsos and legs of your favourite characters that you can combine to make an ultra character!
It is pretty simple to make and the materials needed are basically things you can find at home.
Hope you enjoy :)
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Step 1: You Will Need:

Picture of You Will Need:
You Will Need:
• Some paper
• Scissors
• A stapler
• A 30 cm ruler
• A pencil/pen
• Artistic Skill
• A printer and glue

Step 2: The Spine

Picture of The Spine
To create the spine, mark out at least 3 5-10mm points along the left side of the paper. This will ensure that the line is perfectly vertical.
Afterwards, staple the spine at least 3 times (one at the top, one in the middle and one at the bottom). Feel free to do more than three, as long as they do not exceed the spine.

Step 3: Guidelines

Picture of Guidelines
Using a ruler, separate the paper into three equal parts. For an A4 piece of paper, this should be every 99mm. Again, use at least three marks on each horizontal line to ensure that it is perpendicular (at a right angle) to the spine.
(NB: The lines on the image are only faint because I drew them with a pencil. I didn't draw them in marker because it would make the final thing look shabby.)

Step 4: For the Drawers...

Picture of For the Drawers...
When selecting an image, make sure the character is facing you as much as possible to make the combos smooth. This step is on drawing chracters, but cutting and sticking is preffered. If you are drawing, draw the head in the top slot, the torso in the second and the legs in the bottom. Do this for all of your characters on all the pages.
cherianne8 months ago

This is so awesome, I'm gonna try this out my self too.

cherianne8 months ago

This is so awesome, I'm gonna try this out my self too.