This project began as many of my other projects begin: with a pin from pinterest.com (gotta love that site...). The pin was a picture of string crocheted onto a necklace chain with big links, and I really liked the idea. The problems were that A) I didn't have chain with large links (and neither was I about to shell out money to buy that) and B) the crochet pattern was pretty plain for my tastes. To circumvent this, I just created my own version, and here it is!

Step 1: Materials

  • thin wire for crocheting (I used 24 gauge black-coated copper craft wire.)
  • crocheting hooks (I used a thicker hook and a thiner hook -- size G and 9, respectively.)
  • pliers
  • thread for crocheting
  • scissors
  • beads, charms, etc. for adorning
<p>very like it.I try one as you told.Look...and I think you don't have to hook with wire.you can directly do this(picture 2).Thanks for sharing.(I am a Chinese.^_^)</p>
<p>Nice job! It looks great. ^^ </p><p>The thing is that I used 26 gauge wire, which has a higher chance of warping over time if I didn't crochet it for stability. You used, I'm assuming, 18 or 20 gauge wire so it's stronger and less likely to warp. But thanks for bringing that up!--it hadn't occurred to me. </p><p>(pssst I'm Chinese too. :3)</p>
<p>O.M.G ilove it</p>
<p>Thank you! Perhaps you could try it out and have a blast doing this? *wink wink* :)</p>
<p>Totally stunning! I love this! :)</p>
<p>Thank you for your nice comment! ^^</p>
<p>oooooo pretty! It's so clever to crochet the wire and then just crochet your thread on top. Never would have thought of it myself, but it worked so wonderfully.</p>
<p>Thanks for your kind comment! </p>
How cool that you took a Pinterest idea and run with it! Beautiful work and worthy of any outfit!
<p>Thank you for your nice words! :)</p>

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