I wanted to make my mother-in-law (MIL) something special for her birthday. After searching Pinterest for something special for her, I decided to make her a mosaic, something she loves, as a wall hanging for her. I personally fell in love with a specific cross that was no longer available on Etsy.

Of course as the crafty-mama I proclaim that I am, I used the creative side of my brain to make her a mixed media mosaic project. I wanted to incorporate things that I knew represented her and her personality, and meant something to me as I made it for her.

When I say "mixed media," I'm personally referring to different types of material used on the one project.

I went to my favorite craft store with my children and asked them what shape we should get Grandma for her piece of art. My kids surprised me when they picked the letter "S" which is the first letter in her first name.

That's where I started with the project and went with my imagination from there.

The entire project time was over the course of four days, and probably took about six hours, not including the grout drying time.

As with many of my other Instructables, I hope this one prompts your creative juices to make your own mixed media mosaic!


Further back story:

My MIL got diagnosed with Stage 2 Breast Cancer in October of last year. She was done with the Chemo in mid-March, which took a significant toll on her body, but it appears that she beat it!

The "S" had a fantastic significance to me now because she's a SURVIVOR, and I think that "S" has a greater meaning that just being the first letter of her first name to her as well. Of course, my kiddos didn't understand that at the time we purchased the letter, but it was made clear to me when I started picking out the embellishments for the piece.

Other pieces of this story are written in the Instructable. Thank you so much for taking your time to read it!

Step 1: Materials and Tools

Here are the materials and tools I used to create this one of kind art:

***Links take you to Amazon to see or purchase the products.***

I also used Command Picture-Hanging Strips to make it easier to apply the art to the wall, lint-free cloths (not pictured, see Step 5) and a bowl for water when grouting.

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