Step 1: So U Want to Build a Helmet

First u need pepakura designer 3.0 then print the pieces out PS. u will need hot glue gun, cardboard, pencil and that's that

Step 2: Pieces Cut Out?

Step 3: Trace It on Cardboard

Title says it all and I totally forgot about scissors u would have a hard time cutting the parts out without them

Step 4: Glue Glue and GLUE

Put it together it might be hard to do it without a pic to look at or blueprints so if u have a computer in ur room it might be easier to put together

Step 5: Done

And their u go have fun

Step 6: Paint

Don't forget to paint

Step 7: Not Really a Step

This is my first mk 42 and I am going to build another I will up date soon plus I am doing a full costume before Halloween
Cool and I am also making more on the way
For Halloween I am going as the mk 42 but it is made out of duct tape. I going to post it soon!
Well there should be a Mac users pepakura mk 42 under Im mk 42 jackiesrocken either that or helagaks mk 42 ps I finished YAY in time for Halloween
Do u have a Mac?<br>
How would I use pepakura if I don't have wnidows?
Meh whatever works I needed something flexible for the abs part PS Just finished bicep
I suggest you use cardstock for your armor. It's light and durable and is more flexible.
Vote for me<br/>Plz

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Bio: I do cosplay and props happy to help
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