Introduction: Mlp App: How to Get Bits

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Are you low on Bits on the MLP app? Well I can help you get more. just follow my easy how-to guide and you'll go from rags to riches in no time.

Step 1: Level Up

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When you level up, you'll get some bits as a prize. You may also win new ponies, shops, destinations on the map(accessed via the train station) or gems which are harder to obtain.

Step 2: Quests Completed

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If, when you get a new quest, you look below the goals there is a list of prizes. It is usually XP and Bits. There may also be gems.

Step 3: Collecting From Shops

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When a shop timer runs out, there will be the little flag thing above it. Click that; showers of Element Shards, XP and Bits pop out.

Step 4: Tree Tapping

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Tap on trees and a coin will pop out! It won't necessarily be a coin. It could be a wheel, gem or xp.

Step 5: Element of Harmony Activated?

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If an element is activated, you can give it health by tapping on it. As a thank you, it will give you Bits. NOTE: this may only be done when you have excess Elements of that type.

Step 6: Mini Games

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There is 2 mini games in which you can earn Bits: Crystal Mine and Magical Wings.


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