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This is my little jetpack made out ducted jet broken. Flyes a little but its very difficult to control.


Victor Moser (author)2012-12-25

Legal pra caramba, acho mais massa ainda esse teu Coyote kkkk
Cobaia de vários experimentos seus!

PeckLauros (author)Victor Moser2012-12-25

É verdade! Ele parece não gostar muito. As vezes fica um pouco ralado.hehehhe

jackjackboom (author)2012-03-30

could you show us how you built it.
that would be great.

PeckLauros (author)jackjackboom2012-03-31

Hello, friend! This is one of the inventions of the coyote. He just takes off a few inches and starts to spin. Because the turbines that spin in the same direction. It's an invention frustrated. It don't works as i wanted.

jackjackboom (author)2012-03-30

totally wicked man!!!

Matrix-technician (author)2011-07-26

Very cool. This has given me a few ideas.

tinker234 (author)2011-07-13

so it works hey upscale for humans

PeckLauros (author)tinker2342011-07-14

Hi. It works wel but its verry difficult to control and make lots of noise.

tinker234 (author)PeckLauros2011-07-14

well who needs silent

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