Calling all Mo’ Sisters: Want to get in on the Movember action? Now you can knit your own.
If you decide to make any of these moustaches, please make a donation of a couple of Euro/Dollars/Pounds etc. to
http://ie.movember.com/donate (this is the Irish site, feel free to donate to your local prostate cancer charity).

The moustaches use very little yarn and several different interesting techniques. The Tom Selleck is the easiest of the four, knit in the round on two needles. The Hulk Hogan is also quite easy. The Hercule Poirot uses a provisional cast-on and i-cord and the Fu Manchu is largely i-cord. Finally, if you want truly furry face furniture you can use a felting brush on the mo's.

You can find the pattern for all four moustaches here https://docs.google.com/document/pub?id=1FT07lTRHW3OZgz-nYkksQq6h7BkG46DoMpBpu1BIvHk
more Poirot!

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