Moar SUGRU Please


Introduction: Moar SUGRU Please

First few photos are of Sugru used to replace missing keyboard keys, just put a small dot of Sugru to contact the circuit button, then formed a "key" and squished it ontop.

Next bunch are of the altoids tin car camera mount, inside is a bunch of harddrive magnets and a piece of uhmw the bolt goes through to stabilize the rig.  I added Sugru feet to keep the metal from scratching my car paint.  Also put some Sugru hand grips on my Flip camera to keep it grippier when I hold it.

Next few are of Sugru ear hooks I added to my sunglasses.  A few years ago I had bought silicone hooks that slid over the glasses arm and went behind your ears to keep the glasses in place, unfortunately they don't fit on my current glasses, so Sugru gave me the option to make my own!

Last two are some pads i made for my mountain bike, gives me new places to rest my hands and a better grip.



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    these are all great, love em. I particularly love your magnet Altoids car camera mount thingy, very clever indeed.

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    Yes, that is a great use of old hard drives!!

    What is that on your FLIP?

    The sticker on your laptop does detract from anything you did in your instructable. You can express you dissatisfaction with Corporate in more creative ways.

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    Maybe he should try this version of the picture?

    Everyone loves Ducks right?


    MUCHO APPRESHIADO! haha, sorry just started on instructables, i'll be sure to keep my stuff cleaned from now on.