Mobile BASS Speaker !


Introduction: Mobile BASS Speaker !

About: Super student

Here is the INSTRUCTABLE to make awesome quality mobile speaker on the go !

This is so small to carry + usefull in outside the country.

3W output. Ya it's really loud enough !!

Step 1: Parts Needed:

1. 2" speaker

2. round wooden container (For better bass levels)

3. Audio amplifier circuit (I am providing two options)

4. LED indicator (Just power on notifier)

5. Auxiliary cable

6. any small battery (3V to 6V)


Step 2: Audio Amplifier 1

here i have been used amp ic from my old speakers --CKE2009

the datasheet is attached. But one can refer only circuit diagram.

OR refer next step.

Step 3: Audio Amplifier 2

This amplifier made with most commonly available IC TDA2822

is 2.5W amplifier.

Step 4: Review


DONE !!!!!!!!!



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    2 Discussions

    hey Thats a nice project but,
    You Could Have used pam8403 its cheap and better

    1 reply

    yeah, that's a great amplifier' you can get then on ebay for around 3 dollars ready made including pot meter