Mobile Bluetooth Speaker


Introduction: Mobile Bluetooth Speaker

Self build Bluetooth speaker with great bass through passive radiators. Also very loud without any distortion. Battery life of 12h + on medium volume. 3 hidden buttons on the top of the speaker. Made out of 11 layers of plywood which are glued togehter.

Parts I used:

Speakers: Faital Pro 3FE25

Passive radiators:

Amplifier: TSA2110A from TinySine

2200 mAh Li-ion Akku 12v



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    5 Discussions

    come on put the parts list please.

    nice design but...where is the instructable? ahahha

    you could have taken some photos... i think that you would have got lot of votes

    how is this an instructable?

    Thanks for sharing :) Did you take any progress photos when you were putting it together?

    1 reply