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Introduction: Mobile Car Computer

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This is a personal computer which can use in the car with all the features,and performance.
Specially this PC has works with Automobile power supply.(12V DC) It has 7inche LCD TFT monitor with VGA input.And Its touch sensitive display.I have attached a Touch sensitive Panel for 7 inch display.So no use of Mouse or Keyboard.Because Its fully touch sensitive.Its really like an i pad :D :)

And a lot parts I have bought from Ebay and local shops in here.

Its Intergraded with Bluetooth,and it has USB remote controller for control all things.
Enclosure was design and made by myself.(its aluminum)

Still trying to attach a GPS for my car computer.

It has a Special function.It can display a vehicle current running details of Vehicle Engine details like ( Engine RPM,acceleration,Engine temperature,Water temperature,errors and troubles in engine,etc)

And If you are a doing Motor Sports or if you have any custom ECU in your car like GEMS,Motec,AEM,Greddy Racing ECU' can easily connect with your ECU through the USB or RS232 and can Tune your ECU as you want.Because you want anymore your LAPTOP or other PC.If can attach like this PC in your Car really can have a nice easy time. :)

Intel 1.6 Ghz Atom,1GB of DDR2 Memory,Intel Graphics chipset945,4 USB Ports external,2-PS2/Mouse/Keyboard,1-Paralell printer port,1-Serial Port,1-Audio Out,1-Audio Line Input,1-Microphone Input,160GB Hard Drive,Windows XP or Windows 7 x86,Automotive Power inputs with Input Power -12v
**7 inches HD TFT LCD Monitor/TV Touch Sensitive(no need of a mouse)**


Step 1: Colellect All Items and Parts

Intel Atom mother board(built in on board CPU,On board sounds,on board VGA)
1GB Ram Kingston
USB IR PC remote controller
12V DC to ATX Mini power Supply (90Watts)
160GB IDE Laptop grade hard drive
2.5" IDE to 3.5" IDE converter
Make your PC enclosure (10"x9.5"x2.8" aluminum)
25A fuse for power line
High gauge wire for positive and negative power connectors

7" LCD TFT monitor
7" touch panel with USB touch controller for make your Monitor touch sensitive

OBD II to USB cable for read your vehicle running data(ELM 327 cable)

find portable USB CD/DVD Drive for install your OS (XP or win7)

Step 2: Fix Your Parts in Enlosure

attach your mother board ,hard disk drive ,power supply ,power connectors and Fuse on your enclosure

Step 3: Disassemble Your LCD Monitor

Disassemble your 7 inch LCD monitor and attach the touch panel on the LCD screen and controller in monitor enclosure.attach the panel using invisible tape.

drill a little hole on monitor enclosure for touch panel USB controller wire.

after all assemble your LCD monitor enclosure.

Step 4: Close Enclosure and Install OS



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    The hardest part is to install it properly hidden in your car!
    Nice instructables, I was planning on doing this soon. I was planning on using an laptop, as I had no idea there was special case/powersupply for car!

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    Thank you dear ac1D,this is really pretty small. Computer complete enclosure size is 10"x9.5"x2.8" I have hidden this under da car passenger seat.after I have used the USB hub for use the other features.I have bought the USB PC remote controller So that's really easy to power on/off the pc.Use the Intel 1.6Ghz Atom Motheboard because its too small.

    And if you want to use your laptop in car use car power aapter for th laptop :

    I have used 12V DC ATX mini power supply,you can buy it from ebay.
    Here is the link:

    Thanks for these links...i already have a carpc that i built from scratch, i wish i woulda have use the spare laptop i have at home. I know it woulda have worked because i tested out all the software there before anything...i well, i guess for the next car.

    very cool. when i get my license something like this is going in my car :D

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    thanx zack247.:) cool cool.try for this.if you want more details i can reply.

    im going to attack a general PSU and see if i can find the parts to make a 12v to ATX converter, if those -12v and -5v werent necessary i could easily do it :P

    im getting a car next year, i have already started getting the parts for this, im gonna try to fit a 15" LCD monitor into it.

    No worries you can try 15" LCD..sure it will works..But try to fix a 12Vdc to ATX converter with your project,because if you use this tiny converter the project will be a pretty and easy to use.
    If you are using 15" LCD i think you should fix a little high wattage 12v to ATX converter.
    here is the link :


    the 15" LCD can be run right off the cars 12v line, i have found the pinouts fro the main control boards power connections, al i need to do now is find some white LEDs or something to replace the backlight bulbs, the inverter never worked on the screen anyway.

    i think i might get a VGA to Composite connector for both the pc and the screen, that way i wouldnt have to route such a thick VGA cable, would that work?

    i also want to know, how many cores does your Atom have?

    What you mean by this my friend?

    I'm just kidding. I've had enough experience with Windows BSOD, though.

    well so long as you have it set up with the right amount of ram and processor power (and maybe the right wattage PSU, these are a real problem), you shouldnt run into it

    Nicely executed project. This is why I love this site.

    Nice work.

    To add gps, use a usb bluetooth dongle.
    I picked one up locale for $5, but they are all over the web

    Then use a bluetooth gps. I have one of these.

    I paid about $35. Charges from car.

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    Cool idea.but what is the software for this interface? can track with this interface?

    Back when I used my laptop for nav I had Microsoft streets and trips. I also tried delorme, but it didn't use moving maps at that time. Moving maps are essential for nav in my opinion.

    There are many free options but they generally require you to make your own maps.

    Agree with you we I have to make a GPS map as i wish.But the thing is i also tried Microsoft streets and trips.but there was no Sri Lanka GPS map in this first I have to find the Sri Lanka GPS map.:/

    This might help.

    Thank a lot for your reply.But I looked for that.there is no map for srilanka roads,and no tracking map.I have to find the map from here local shop.But think they won't sell those map without the GPS unit.Because they selling the GPS unit+GPS map.

    Do you know any way to download the GPS map file from car Navigation GPS unit?

    I think these guys can help you better than me.

    So far I haven't found a free alternative to using google maps or a program to download them for you.

    It would be a long process to manually save a large enough area of google maps to be usefull.