Step 3: Conclusion

One of the downsides to this is that it's bulky and the battery is a bit heavy so it is smart to put it in an enclosure. You can also use small appliances while the power is out. To be very environmentally friendly you can add on a solar panel or a motor attached to a bike to recharge the battery.
I know, older post, but why go from 12v to 110/220? you also can attach a car cigarette lighter to the battery and use a 12v usb charger. that way there is way less current being lost. you'll last longer.
I like this idea. How many times can it charge a laptop or phone at full charge?
The battery has about 12Ah which means it can operate at a constant output for 12 hours. Of course it doesn't last for 12 hours though and when it's low I use a solar panel to recharge it since its a deep cycle battery.
Very cool. I might give this a try. ABout how long does it take to charge using solar energy <br>?
I'm not entirely sure because I haven't gotten the solar panel yet. But I would expect to leave the solar panel out in the sun for about 2 hours and see how much that charges.

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