Mobile Chicken and Waffles


Introduction: Mobile Chicken and Waffles

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Ever wanted a fantastic, portable snack that will make you the envy of all your friends? This sure isn't it, but it's still pretty great.

Step 1: Obtain Elements

There are three core ingredients to this masterpiece of modern engineering:
-McChicken Nuggets*
-Waffle Cones
-Honey Mustard Sauce

*Cookout nuggets can be substituted, but no other nugs

Step 2: Combine Components

When packing your cone with nugs, ensure that each nug is the correct shape to ensure efficient space usage.

Once the cone is sufficiently packed, drizzle the Honey Mustard over the surface. Allow it to percolate down and ensure even nug coverage.

Step 3: Embrace Your Mistakes

Enjoy the stares and ire of everyone in the McDonalds. You've earned it.

Pictured - the corpses of 80 chicken nuggets

Shoutout to Rob Josh and Yoorie for helping make this happen. You're all inspirations



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    it isn't chicken -n- waffles without gravy .. have you tried making this using chicken tenders and a side of gravy from KFC? :)

    Magnificent! I know you said no other nugs, but what if I want to enjoy this delicacy from home? Do you think the recipe would work if I used frozen nugs?

    2 replies

    No. Don't insult the sanctity of my art like that

    Wow. Rude. I'm going to write negative Yelp review. >:(