This tutorial will show you how to put together a coffee kit that can be used to make a great cup of coffee whether on the road, camping or just on your back deck. One of the things I cherish is a great cup of coffee, whether it is made from a fancy coffee machine or made from scratch. When mobile (traveling, camping, kids soccer game, etc.) it’s difficult to get a good cup of coffee. I’ve found micro-fine mesh filters leave too much sediment in the bottom of the coffee cup when using fine grind coffee. Coffee presses require you pour off the coffee into another vessel so that the coffee doesn’t become bitter.

In this Instructable, I show the coffee kit I use that will allow almost anyone to make a great cup of coffee each and every time. The coffee kit is shown (on the left) with the fuel (alcohol), water and coffee. In this Instructable I show how you can make your own alcohol stove, however if you're unable to make one yourself there are alcohol stoves available for purchase on the web such as the Blue Torch, Rucas, etc.

Step 1: Tools & Materials

Tools needed to make stove & drill the hole in the ladle:
  • Utility knife
  • #58 and 3/16” drill bits
  • Drill or drill press
  • Metal file
  • Emory cloth or sand paper
  • Cutoff saw or hacksaw or band saw
  • Arbor or bench vise
Materials list:
  • Magnesium fire stick
  • Alcohol stove
  • Melitta Ready Set Joe Single Cup Coffee Brewer
  • Sea To Summit 16oz Delta Mug
  • Plastic cooking ladle
  • Aluminum water bottle (NOT stainless steel)
  • 7”x10” Gear sack
  • 16 oz GSI Bottle Cup or other container to heat water

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