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Introduction: Mobile Controlled Bluetooth Car || Easy || Simple || Hc-05 || Motor Shield




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This the Bluetooth controlled car that used HC-05 Bluetooth module to communicate with mobile.

We can control the car with mobile via Bluetooth.

There is an app to control the motion of car.

Step 1: Requirements

  • Arduino uno
  • Motor shield
  • Battery for motor (above 4v and above 1amp)
  • Power bank of 5v to power the arduino
  • HC-05 Bluetooth module
  • Robot chassis

Step 2: Assemble the Chassis

Assemble the motor, wheels and chassis....

As given instructions with chassis.

Step 3: Download the Zip File

  • Download the zip file
  • And extract it

Step 4: Add the AF Motor Library

  • Extract the zip file
  • Open extracted folder
  • Copy the AF motor folder
  • Now go to document section
  • Open arduino folder
  • Now open library folder
  • Paste the AFMotor folder
  • Then close it

Step 5: Upload Program

  • Connect arduino with laptops or pc
  • Open extracted folder again
  • Open the car program
  • Go to the tools in arduino software
  • Make sure board are arduino Uno and port where arduino connected
  • Upload the program

Step 6: Circuit Connections

  • Solder two wires at arduino's 0 and 1 pin that is RX and TX.
  • Fix the motor shield on the top of arduino
  • Connect all motors on motor shield as given in circuit.
  • Left motor are connected to M3 and M4
  • Right motor are connected to M1 and M2
  • If any motor are rotating in reverse direction then reverse the connection of motor

Step 7: Add Bluetooth Module

  • Take Bluetooth module
  • Connect two female to female wire at +5v and GND
  • Connect Bluetooth's +5v and GND with servo's + and - on motor shield as shown in picture.
  • Connect RX of arduino to TX of Bluetooth module
  • Connect TX of arduino to RX of Bluetooth module

Step 8: Power the Arduino and Motors

  • Connect power bank to arduino via USB cable
  • Connect the battery to motor shield

Step 9: Connect the App

  • Turn on Bluetooth
  • Search for new device
  • Click on hc-05
  • Enter the password 1234
  • Once it paired open play store
  • Search for arduino Bluetooth rc car
  • Download the app and open
  • Click on setting icon
  • Click on connect to car
  • Click on hc-05
  • Red Light turn into green it means it connected
  • All done

Step 10: All Done

Now all done move left, right and up, down arrow in app to operate robot.



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    1 Questions

    Please help me
    I have a problém
    I do everything like bit in the end when i start aplication there Green light shines and too L293D and bluetooth modul shines
    I dont know what to do


    May be your connection is wrong

    Change in program


    Car dont move
    motors dont move


    It's not working pls send me the code to

    Hi vishal pls Can you send me the only program for DC motors car because i don't no how to extract files pls send me the only progarm to my gmail pls

    Download zarchiver app in Android to extract files...