Introduction: Mobile Digital Wall Clock

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This Instructable is about, how to use an old and spare android mobile as a Digital Wall Clock

Step 1: Things You Will Need in Hardware

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1- An old Android Mobile
2- A back cover for the mobile
3- 1/2 inch Foam tape
4- A scissor

Step 2: Things You Will Have to Do in Software

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To setup a Digital Wall clock you just need to configure your mobile in the Developers options

Go-To Settings>Developer Options>Activate Developer Options>Check Stay Awake>Exit

NOTE: Keep your phone on charging to use the stay awake feature.

To use a bright clock, you can download one from Google Play Store. In this Instructable I have used Giant Clock(downloaded from Play Store).
In this application there is an inbuilt stay awake option as "Screen Active" Hence, used here.

You can download and use any other suitable application if you feel like.

Step 3: The Back Cover and Foam Tape

Picture of The Back Cover and Foam Tape

Take your mobile's back cover and clean it with a dry piece of cloth

Take an half inch Foam tape cut it and apply it on the Back cover as shown in the picture.
Remove the protective paper from the Foam tape & you can put on the cover on your mobile.

Now it's ready to be used as a wall clock!!

Step 4: Starting the Wall Clock.

Picture of Starting the Wall Clock.

Open the clock app you have downloaded,
Select a display colour for clock font.
Select any suitable background Image.
Check on Screen lock to keep the screen active.

Step 5: Installing Your Mobile Digital Wall Clock

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Just stick your wall mobile anywhere you want as per your convenience. At home, In office or at your Bedroom.

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AnilG21 made it! (author)2016-01-25

thanks for the idea you saved my old android device

DeepakB17 (author)2015-09-29

Thanks, great Idea.

Seeed XadowPhone (author)2015-08-30

Thanks for sharing, I could use my old iphone to do this!

cnewingham-lidholm (author)2015-08-30

Great idea!!! Now just need to get an extra phone to do it.

amberrayh (author)2015-08-27

This is a good idea. Great job on your first Instructable too! I hope we see more from you in the future.

Huzaifa22i (author)amberrayh2015-08-27

Thank You!!

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