Step 4: The Mobile Earth Rover Two Design (3D model)

The Mobile Earth Rover's Two design consists on the remodeling of the electric radio
controlled truck called "Traxxas E-Revo" and equipping it with an Single Board Computer
called FoxBoard G20 a 3.5G Modem and a web camera attached to the aileron.

The 3D sketch can be found below.
<p>i want to do the same project using raspberry pi.if u help me,it would be an honour :)</p>
<p>Hi,</p><p>What kind of 3D design software did you use?</p><p>Thanks, Justin</p>
<p>Hello Lehoskayj,</p><p>I used Google Sketchup, now called trimble sketchup.</p><p>You are wellcome.</p>
What is the range on the rover?
<p>As long as you have (3.5G or 4G) couverage you are good to go.</p>
We have been selling an Android version of this since 2010 at http://www.f3.to/ and if you don't want to buy it &amp; want to make it yourself instead, all the software is open source.
can u show us the steps to do this on a raspberry pi computer?
Hi akinich.<br> <br> From what i have read about the Raspberry Pi, i would guess that to port this FoxBoard Project to a RaspPi should not be a problem,&nbsp; In a Month or so i hope to get a RaspPi and publish an inscrutable on how to do it.<br> <br> I will probably call it <strong>&quot;Mobile Earth Rover - Three 3.5G Exploration&quot;</strong> or something.<br> <br> Keep tuned in :)
hi , <br>any news on &quot;Mobile Earth Rover - Three 3.5G Exploration&quot;? <br>im getting my raspberry pi tomorrow :) <br>Akinich
would a rasberry pi work for this?
I read every word of your first Earth Rover 'ible. WAYY above my skill level, but you inspire me to dream of the cool things that are possible! <br> <br>My question: How do you actually drive the thing? Is it using the same sort of hacked transmitter from version 1? That's not directly addressed here. Thanks! <br> <br>* * * * * !
Hi espdp2, thank you for your comment. <br> <br>You are right, i forgot to upload a screen-shot of the client application running. <br>I don't have as much photos and videos of this project as i have of the other one, but i will upload a photo of the application running. <br> <br>However i mentioned in step 8 point 3.5 that In this project you control the Rover using the clients keyboard. <br>It is done by a Java application that can run in any computer, you run the App than press &quot;c&quot; to connect to the rover, use the directional pad arrows to steer the Rover and terminate a connection by pressing &quot;d&quot;. <br> <br>Also with some minor modifications this Java application can also be used to control the Mobile Earth Rover One, instead of using the hacked transmitter. <br> <br>PS: This project is way easier to implement than the other one. You can probably substitute the expensive FoxBoardG20 with a Raspberry Pi.
<br>Wow dude, this is really awesome! I can't believe I didn't find it earlier. My rpi arrived, and so I think I might give this a go at some point. Thanks!
nice instructable.....5 stars!!! <br>can we use a usb controller? <br>that will make it much cooler and easier to pan and tilt!!! <br>say like this <br>http://www.my-batteries.net/images/game-accessories/Double-Shock-Controller-Usb-Joypad-Dual-Joystick-For-Pc.jpg
I have uploaded some screen shots of the control application :) <br>I will revise and rewrite the instructable and try to make more clear. Thank you for your feedback.
Hello! <br>Please can you tell me which wifi dongles are capable with that board ? <br>Thanks!
The USB Wi-Fi adapter tested are:<br> <br> &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; D-Link WirelessN Nano USB adapter (DWA-131)<br> &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Digicom USB Wave 150 nano dongle<br> &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Digitus USB wireless adapter 150N<br> <br> Check out <a href="http://www.acmesystems.it/wifi" rel="nofollow">http://www.acmesystems.it/wifi</a>
Hi! <br>Very complete project. Most interesting thing is sound. Usually webcam has a microphone but before you have not found any way to stream sound. Interested in baby monitor. <br>Last year I explored Foxboard and wrote some notes on Instructables. <br>There is similar board Nanos where GSM modem also works. With Rapsberry Pi still struggle to get video in Debian. <br> <br> <br> <br>
any way to do this with an arduino? <br>eg-plug a 3g donge and a camera into the arduino
The Arduino dose not have the capabilities for handling that, It dose not have enough processing power nor enough memory, not to mention it dose not have 2 USB interfaces. I would say that it is &quot;impossible&quot; to use only an Arduino as a on-board computer.
is there a way to use an iphone as the 3g reciever and camera?
Yes there is.
awesome, how?
google &quot;irobot ava&quot;
ok, just did. <br>if it's this:http://www.irobot.com/ava/ <br>i want to put it onto a remote controlled car and control it using a laptop connected to wifi
Yep thats the one, ava by irobot.
What is the song in the video? I've been playing it on loop for an hour now and I must have MOORE!
it's possible to insert an gps component for locate the car?
Yes you could insert a GPS module in the Rover, via Arduino, and send the data back to the client. <br> <br>I have actually worked with a GPS and a Arduino in this setup: <br> <br>http://www.instructables.com/id/Connecting-GPS-module-to-Arduino/

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