Introduction: Mobile Pillow!

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Hello all i'm here with my small friendly Mobile Pillow! Take it with you any where! Now when you just want a little rest you can pull out your Mobile Pillow!

Step 1: Cut the Pieces

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first you'll need to cut the pieces. The sides are 8cm by 10cm, and both top and bottom are 8cm by 6cm. Sorry for the lack of photos, it didn't want to take it apart.

Step 2: Sew It All Together

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This step is self explanatory, BUT, DO NOT SEW the top on, you'll do that later.

Step 3: Stuff It

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No pillow is a pillow without stuffing! i used this really fluffy stuff. now you can sew on the top.

Step 4: Your Done!

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Congrats! You've Finished! YAY


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