Mobile Pouch





Introduction: Mobile Pouch

Mobile pouch with attractive Star stitch.

Step 1:

Chain till you cover the diameter of your mobile. Basically it's a 2 + 1.

Step 2:

Skip 2 chains from hook and do a Star stitch

Step 3:

Crochet stars till you reach the last chain and join the stars. Row 1 is done.

Step 4:

You will see the eye of each Star. Post double single crochets inside the eye of the first Star. Repeat until you reach the end and slip stitch.

Step 5:

Repeat row 1 and row 2 until you get the desired height. My mobile was 5 inch. Slip stitch and fasten off.

Step 6: Bottom

To join the bottom, turn the pouch to get the inner part of it. I wanted have some gap at the bottom and join only 7 stars from front to back of the bottom. I used single crochet to have a healthy bottom for my pouch.



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    how did u make a first row. i love to learn it

    One of my friends had one of these years ago, he loved it!