Mobile Workshop and Studio


Introduction: Mobile Workshop and Studio

The mobile workshop and studio. 

After first learning how to carve bone while on my honeymoon in 2002, I felt like I had finally found what I was meant to do.  Bone carving has become my primary method of relaxation.  I can carve for 12 hours a day and be physically tired, but mentally at peace. 

I currently carve in my garage after work and on weekends.  However, I live in the Phoenix, AZ area, so it's really hot in my garage. With temperatures over 100+ for nearly half the year, I don't have the opportunity to carve as much as I would like.  A space where I can work freely and not worry about passing out from the heat would advance my goal of making carving my full-time job.

Another concern is air filtration.  Over time, inhaling bone dust can lead to a form of silicosis similar to what can occur with potters and miners.  I am currently making use of a HEPA filtration mask, however the addition of a fresh air system, also known as forced air, would greatly decrease any chance of long term adverse effects from carving.

How the prize would be used:
Should I win the $25000, it would go directly to the construction of my mobile studio.

I would start with purchasing plans from Portland Alternative Dwellings (  These plans would be modified to include space to install an air-conditioning unit, generator and a forced air system.

The following components would be purchased along with the materials for construction:  14' double-axle trailer, a Hobby Air Fresh Air respirator system (, a small RV air conditioner, an adequate generator, tools, lighting and electrical supplies.

Once the components have been collected, construction begins -- and so does the realization of a dream!

Adam Holden
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    4 Discussions

    Hope you get your dream workshop so you can share your talent and get some relief from the elements.

    What a talented artist, and I sure that if he had his own studio space it would help his business to flourish. I really hope he wins this contest. It takes dedicated to do art under those conditions.

    The fact that you work in such crazy hot conditions show how dedicated and passionate you are. I really hope you get your studio.

    Phoenix is a rough place to do anything in the (9 months of) summer. Cool air and good (safe) ventilation are a Very Good Thing.