Mobile Workstation Suitcase





Introduction: Mobile Workstation Suitcase

I'm always going somewhere, so i need my tools and supplies to come with me as well. One day i found an old empty suitcase in my attic and decided to mod it into a kind of easily transportable workstation/tool case. When i was finished i decided you might still need a table or something similar for a workbench, but it does its purpose and it has served me well. oh, im also entering in the workshop of the future contest so if you like it, please vote for it!



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    hey neatoi have the samesuitcase except minesgota different insertthat buttons in onthe inside underthehinges that makes it technicly abriefcase.....ikeep my xbox in itwhen i travel...they dont make em like they used to ...the suitcase /briefcase that is

    This is a amazing. I love using briefcases for stuff like that. Just a few days ago, I made a briefcase with iPod speakers built in. I think I may make one of these because I am always on the road and it is a hassle to get every thing together. Well great job on the slideshow. I have to go get myself a briefcase from a thrift store. If you are a maker on the road like me, you will love this little fume extractor made from a candy tin: Candy TIn Fume Extractor

    thank you for the comment. ill have to check out the fume extractor.