Mobile Phone FM Radio Antena


Introduction: Mobile Phone FM Radio Antena

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Oh these long wired and too bulky Headsets, that needed all the time to receive FM radio stations.

No need any more!! Here is the best affordable and portable FM radio antena for your mobile phone.

Step 1: Collect Your Parts

You need only 3 parts for this Instructable.

* An 3.5mm audio jack
* antena(take any from your old transistor radios)
* 1K resistor

Step 2: Construction

As you can see clearly in the picture, is very quick and easy setup.

Antena connected to the common terminal. Here is 1K resistor I have connected between left channel to common. Is only because some devices requires load in order to detect headset.

Step 3: Done !!

You almost Done !
Just push this audio jack into your antena.
Stick this tightly with your favourite glue AND tie it with thread for long lasting support.

# Now your Antena is Ready #



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This looks great!

I'm using a new phone. Ihe space

Thank you for this iI

Thank you for this insr