Mobile Pranks


Introduction: Mobile Pranks

Here are some tips how to prank your friends.

Step 1: Roof

1. Give a phone in a bag.
2. Tape it on a ceiling.
3. Write some message on place where was phone.
4. Enjoy

Step 2: Plastic Wrap

1. Find some plastic wrap.
2. Wrap phone how much you can.
3. Find tape, and tape it.
4. Enjoy

Step 3: Cracked Display

1. Download app "Crack your screen prank".
2. Read instructions in the app.
3. Enjoy



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    4 Discussions

    another one is to stretch a balloon around the phone, then inflate the balloon

    1 reply

    Oh, thank you. I was inspired by pranks "wrapped room".

    Ha! Good pranks. I like the idea of taping a phone to the ceiling the best :)