Introduction: Mobilphone USB

Hi and hello to my first instructable.

In this tutorial im gonna going to show you how to make a mobilephone usb like this

Step 1: Materials

to making a mobilephone USB you need a:

Mobilephone (non working)

USB stick

Universal glue

And a sharp knife

Step 2: Cut Out USB

Now you need to cut the usb out with the knife (dont cut your fingers)

Step 3: Make Room for the USB

Now you need to make room for the USB you gonna cut out the buttom of the mobilephone

Step 4: The Memero Stick

now you need to remove to memero like this

Step 5: Glue It On

Now your nearly finish you need to glue the usb on and the back to the mobilephone and set on.

Step 6: Finish!!

Now you finish now enjoy it.


FinnH7 made it! (author)2016-05-11


ek ohh.wav
FurtherThanTesla (author)2010-04-10

uhh, that the battery, my friend.

adamshore (author)2009-09-14

May i say, you have excellent skills in photography :P

chrisPS (author)2009-07-12

now i have a reason to bring a cellphone to school :)

Holden_vy_s (author)2009-03-28

I never understood this, you're turning something light and compact into something bulky and heavy. Whats the point?

sebberdreng (author)Holden_vy_s2009-03-28

Its just so it looks funny

lemonie (author)Holden_vy_s2009-03-28

Difficult to lose? L

Holden_vy_s (author)lemonie2009-03-28

I guess, but it just wrecks the practicality of the object. Why not just buy a portable hard-drive the size of a mobile phone? Then you would have a larger disk size, and still end up being the same size and weight as the end product of this instructible.

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