Lately there have been a lot of highly overpriced, low quality "loop scarves" on sale in general public stores. I have decided to make a loop scarf, but with a twist (har har har!). Since, I love math, I wanted to make it more mathematically pleasing. Therefore, I present to you my version of the Möbius Scarf.

You will need:
A pair of sharp scissors
About a yard of a nice knit fabric
A good sewing machine with the appropriate needles that won't snag or pull the fabric
A box of pins
Matching thread
About an hour

Things to keep in mind:
-When buying your fabric, choose something that isn't scratchy or rough because this will be lying against your neck
-Buy fabric that is a cotton blend and can just be thrown in the wash to avoid high dry cleaning fees
-Select fabric that has a texture so that when you heat up inside of it, your heat will be trapped in the texture so that it can keep you doubly warm
-You do not have to limit yourself to what the fabric stores sell. You can create your own textiles with some various fabrics and create a patchwork style fabric.

Step 1: Measuring and Cutting

After pre-washing your fabric to eliminate any shrinkage, fold the fabric in half so the selvages are together.
Since I wanted my Möbius scarf to be really wide, I cut my yard straight down the middle from the fold to the selvages. Now I have two 18 in wide sections folded in half. That means that my scarf will be about 8 and 3/8 inches wide when finished.
Now pin one of the selvage ends to the selvage end on the other section, right sides together.
Very elegant. I really like the title, neat. where did you get the idea for a mobius design? Very well done. i will definitely be making one.
I wanted to do a loop scarf, but not just a loop. No, that would be far too boring. A Mobius is one of the most elegant shapes in math (in my opinion of course) and naturally I seized upon the idea and began crafting. <br>Please make one and post it. I would love to see it. What kind of fabric are you thinking of using?

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