Picture of Mobius Strip
A Mobius strip is one of those interesting things for which there is little use other than starting an argument :-)

You need
- paper (ideally construction or other thick paper)
- scissors
- ruler

It should take about 10 minutes.

Step 1: Cut a strip off paper

Picture of Cut a strip off paper
Cut a reasonably straight, parallel strip of paper. I cut about 3/4"(~1.5cm) off the long edge of a piece of letter size (~A4) bristol board paper, which worked well.
It isn't important how wide the piece is, but you want to get the long edges reasonable parallel, especially at the ends so the widths line up for the next step.
FINALLY! I found a one-sided 3-dimensional representation of a 2-dimensional object!
Awesome! If you make two mobius strips and stick them together at right angles and then cut each one up the middle you can make interlocking love hearts.
If you make two mobius strips and attach them at the edges you make a

KLIEN BOTTLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thanks for the link! You made my head explode!
gaby997 years ago
i looked at the picture for like 5 seconds and BAM! my head exploded
Saturn V gaby994 years ago
Sounds painful.
same for me but first there was a ? mark over my head hitting me
since it can be twisted any odd number of times and be any length, who wants to make the world's largest one sided object? or did somebody do that already?
berserk (author)  frank260801157 years ago
Actually, it can't be twisted just any number of times. If it's twisted more than once, you no longer have a mobius. For example, it would not act the same if you cut it in half lengthwise. Kinda freaky, I am glad I don't have to do the math for it.
"any >>odd<< number"
berserk (author)  frank260801157 years ago
Hah! You got me there. You are right, of course, I had read it as the not so mathematical version of odd.
shooter1297 years ago
shooter1297 years ago
berserk (author)  shooter1297 years ago
Can you be more specific? I am only qualified for some kinds of help, but might be able to refer you to someone else for others ;-)
shooter1297 years ago
this is confuzzling i dont get it it feels like my brain is bleeding
aiden1200008 years ago
mmm choclate on one side vanlilla on the other!
but both sides are the same side(s)! unless you want chocolate-y vanilla-y impossible
it was a refrence to the simpsons. in the epsiode where it went all 3d
lol srry, didn't catch that one
ODC8 years ago
I just created a user account to tell you all that Mobius strips arent as useless as you may think. They are used in many applications where a drive belt (from one pulley to another) is used. They are useful because they wear out each side more evenly than a normal belt. support the fair go for Mobius strips
berserk (author)  ODC8 years ago
That's a cool idea. I have never seen it happen. Do you have a picture or link?
twisted8 years ago
This makes me happy. 1 sided shapes will one day rule the world.
slyfox1178 years ago
10 minutes? just take a strip of paper, twist, tape. nice instructable though.
uzerzero8 years ago
These are a great party conversation item, especially if someone at the party is high. They will be absolutely amazed at how this works. Great for laughs, also good for just simple amazement in sober people.
what does it do
berserk (author)  Mr. Smart Kid8 years ago
It doesn't do much, but what it does is not what you might expect. Check out Step 4, or the Wikipedia article it links to. Hard to describe, you sort of have to try it.
crestind8 years ago
These are pretty neat. They supposedly represent the maximum number of wormholes from point A to B or something like that.
Jezza Bear8 years ago
I love Mobius strips... now try this limerick A mathematician confided That a Möbius band is one-sided, And you'll get quite a laugh, If you cut one in half, For it stays in one piece when divided. See what happens when you cut it in half?!!!!! Now do it again but this time put TWO twists in it and then cut it in half....crazy. Welcome to the world of topology and Escher
Mr.Devious8 years ago
Sigh.."Coming up next, how to fold an anarchist ring and kill yourself"
bigpinecone8 years ago
i was at the mall once and the guy at the popcorn stand had 'em and cut one in half but it was still a ring =O
trebuchet038 years ago
ahh -- the classic riddle... "What has two edges and one side?" A Mobius of course :P
berserk (author)  trebuchet038 years ago
It has only one edge, though.
slaps hand on head :P how did I F that one up :P