Step 3: Making the Choco-cups..

- Melt the chocolate like you want.
- With a brush , put a chocolate layer
in the liner ,
Let  cool, and repeat .

- Once hard, with help a stick, pull the liner's edges  .

Ready, you have a Chocolate Cupcake liner like .

Friends, sorry my English. I'm looking for a &quot;spellchecker&quot; :D<br>I hope you understand what I wrote.<br>Kisses
wow mouth watering pics well done got to the bakers in the family to try this one
They look nice!
Did you save me one Mary? Oh they look so good!
I still have some in refrigerator, because I made a lot of them .<br>I'm giving as gift to my friends .<br>Shame you are so far away :)
High-five, mary candy!!!! And five stars, too!
Those cupcakes look so good
Sure ;)
i really want to make these!!! they are so nice especially with the chocolate cup to hold everything and the brownie surprise in the middle!!! perfection for chocolate and coffee lovers alike!!!!
I'm glad you like so much ;)
Thanks Scoochmaroo !<br>
I think this piece goes with it.<br>haha <br><br>You've got too much of that sex appeal<br>Don't play around because I'm for real<br>You see that road isn't meant for me<br>You know I want you amarrao aqu&iacute; (8)
ahh Rabiossssaa!!
Ah, these look so good. I love the blue and brown liners!
These look just gorgeous!!
thanks Puzzledd ;*

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