Step 2:

Remove whipped cream from refrigerator and spoon into strawberries or pipe a swirl of whipped cream using a pastry bag, for a fancy presentation just before serving.
<p>I'm going to try these! I'm thinking of dipping the bottoms in chocolate and then coconut flakes or walnuts. It's all good!</p>
Look so pretty! Might have to try this! Maybe with the middle stuffed with milk chocolate and topped with the cream!?!?
Looks more beautiful.
Going to impress my girl friend with this recipe. Yummuy one!<br><br><a href="http://www.thertastore.com/Oak_Kitchen_Cabinets_s/2696.htm" rel="nofollow">Oak kitchen cabinets</a>
Oh, I bet these are just amazing. Great photos too! :D
You made them look so cute and they sound delicious!

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