Mock Granny Square


Introduction: Mock Granny Square

Since Lion Brand Yarn always features unique products and projects, I would like to share with all of you my mock granny square winning idea. I crocheted a 9 petal yarn flower then faced the challenge of trying to make it the center part of a traditional granny square block. Unfortunately, whatever I did --nothing worked symmetrically. Don't worry, there is a happy and special ending to my project. I didn't need super glue, I designed a traditional granny square block in one color then attached the 9 petal flower by weaving the base color yarn from front to back attaching this flower securely to the top of the base block. I made 30 base blocks with flowers for the front then 30 mock granny square blocks for the back of the poncho featured in the slide. When I experimented more, I found I could design other interesting mock granny squares easily. Children and adults can enjoy this project. Additional blocks can be added to the poncho for a longer one. This project can generate a lot of memories because your friends or strangers could exchange center flowers or designs with you so you could create your own special mock granny square project. Happy crocheting always!Mock granny square



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    I love your flowers and what you did with them...i'm a nut for anything with flowers on it...I put flowers on most of my things...I just think they add so much more to out projects...keep up the good work

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    Thank you for finding the time to add your comment. I totally agree with you that flowers are so special. They are never boring to look at and a creative challenge to design with yarn. With the poncho, you can have a good collection to look at. happyjean

    I wanted to thank the Lion Brand Yarn and the Instructables staff for organizing such a special and interesting competition. I have had a chance to discover such talent and unique ways to use yarn. Best wishes always happyjean

    Thank you so much for all your good suggestions! I recently rearranged my slides to provide a better view of my mock granny square idea and project. I welcome your comments and your recommendations for new projects with mock granny squares. happyjean

    So what, an 8 or 10-petal flower would have been too easy for you? ;-)

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    Haha! Imagine there was about 100 petals, that would be huge! (And awesome). Nice job, it looks cool!

    GorillazMiko, Thank you. I didn't think that big, but the 100 petals would prove to be a major challenge. Who knows---the mock granny square could become its own contest globally. It would be interesting to see what unique designs talented knitters and crocheters would come up with. Do you think that the Guiness people would have a category for a 100 petal yarn flower? happyjean

    They might. You can enter in, just read in where it says submit in the back or front.. or something.

    GorillazMiko, Thank you again for your comment. Wikipedia and even Google don't yet have any search data about the mock granny square, so there is still some hope that this new idea may be a winning one. A lot of talented knitters and crocheters are ready to try new things. This challenge would make an interesting global project. Do you have any more special suggestions? happyjean

    Special thanks GorillazMiko for this additional suggestion. happyjean

    Just so you don't think I was mocking you: nice project! The poncho looks great, and I bet you get a nice 3D effect with the sown-on flowers. I still think that a flower with an even number of petals would have been much easier to integrate into a square. But please don't let my scientific bent get in the way of your artistic expression! :-)

    Patrik, Thank you for taking time to identify the special feature of the mock granny square--the "nice 3D effect". There are special flowers and abstract designs that don't often fit the even number stitches for a traditional square pattern. With the mock granny square idea, those uniques ones can still be integrated in a way that adds dimensions with color and textures. happyjean

    this is really colourful. I love crochet, but prefer to knit. However, one day I will learn to crochet properly.

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    Stinkymum, Thank you for sharing your wonderful smile and recent comment. Since you prefer to knit, this mock granny square idea will be easy for you to do. After you knit your base block in one color then knit your flower or design, you will be able to secure the flower/design to the base block. The knitted version looks so nice. Hope you try this idea and upload your special project. happyjean