Mod: Tiny Torture





Introduction: Mod: Tiny Torture

Its A Mod Of augsut345's Tiny Torture Knex Gun. I was surprised when i tried it.its actually pretty good.

parts list from mlcad.. i was really lazy

No. Color Part no. Part name

11 Light-Gray k108.dat K'nex connector 1 gray
1 Tan-Solid k119.dat K'nex connector 1 tan
1 White k207.dat K'nex connector 2 gray
3 Orange-Solid k225.dat K'nex connector 2 orange
1 Red k304.dat K'nex connector 3 red
6 Green k402.dat K'nex connector 4 green
1 Light-Gray k0002.dat K'nex rod 0 green
1 Yellow k1114.dat K'nex rod 11 yellow
1 Red k1804.dat K'nex rod 18 red
1 White k0315.dat K'nex rod 3 white
3 Blue k0601.dat K'nex rod 6 blue

numbers in bold are the number of that specific part you will need....i think there is 30 parts.

Step 1: Ram Rod

Here You Will Make The Very Easy Ram-rod. It is blocked by a block trigger.

Step 2: Barrel.... and Trigger

Here Is the barrel from the gun... you will need approx 11 gray 1 slot peices things

Step 3: Handel.... Added on to Barrel and Trigger.

its easier if you add the handel right onto the barrel and trigger.

Step 4: Put It Together!

Now Its Strainght Foreward How To put the ram rod in...
and its your choice of how u put the elastic band in... there is many ways. good luck and happy instructabling.



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    hi mi name is liam and if u dont all stop posting comments on this lovely wonderfull knex gun  i will throw a chease bomb at u all!! 

    Learn some grammar kid

    All comments, or only the negative ones?

    what software did you use to make the schematics above?

    if u still want to know i think it is mclad

    He is very good,but a bit inaccurate( maybe i have made a mistake)

    i added it along with othr of my own mods!!as soon as u pull tha ram back,the lock slides into place along with the trigger and all you have to do is load and fire!!10/10!

    heres what i added to it to make it go farther

    Picture 009.jpgPicture 008.jpg

    woooooooooooooooooooooow ace !!