Picture of Mod Circle side table, step stool, basket, etc.
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I've wanted to make a basket that looks like this for a while now.  Thanks to instructables and the cardboard challenge I got the motivation to make it happen.  When thinking about making it I decided I wanted it to have multiple uses and to look somewhat like an art piece.  So here it is, I like how it turned out and if you make one let me see pics!

Step 1: Gather supplies

Picture of gather supplies
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for this project I used 16 paper towel cardboard tubes that were all the same size
I used white glue but hot glue might work as well
use scissors or a paper cutter for the strips, I used a paper cutter but scissors would work to
large cereal boxes
cracker, tissue, and other thin cardboard (non-coraggated boxes)
paper clips (not pictured)
1&1/2 inch circle punch

-16 paper towel tubes
- white glue
- scissors or paper cutter
- large cereal boxes
- other thin cardboard boxes
- paper clips (not pictured)
- 1&1/2 inch circle punch
roshanak2 years ago
thats very good!