Introduction: Mod Guitar Effect

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Guitar Effect modivication . Vox tone lab Desktop to Vox tone lab Floortop

Step 1: Before We Start

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This Vox tone lab Desktop is meant to use in desktop. As release in decade ago so if you need to use in floor like other foot effect pedal, this vintage guitar effect only need adding some foot switches to make it use in floor. The effect is using EH 12AX7 tube also.

The modification is meant for change the effect. But you can add additional switches for another purposes

Step 2: Inside the Effect

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If you open the effect you will find 3 board. The first board is power supply board( Brown color), second board is all effect board. and the last board is the switches and potentiometer board.

We have to open all the board and add switches to bank 1,2,3 .

Step 3: Open & Drill

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Step 4: Finish Product

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Bio: I am a researcher/ scientist in pressure metrology, in my spare time i play guitar, building thing, breaking thing,
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