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Introduction: Vintage Speaker Storage Unit

These were 2 vintage speakers I gutted out and re-finished. They're great if you're looking for a vintage piece of furniture for storage space.


1. Go to a thrift store/garage sale and pick out 2 speakers.
2. I stained the wood to a cherry color, so it's up to you to get wood stain or not.
3. You'll need a hammer and a flathead screwdriver to do the gutting of the speakers.
4. Some nails or screws
5. Legs for the unit (I went to a hardware store and bought some metal pieces.) You can really use anything that looks like it'll do the job.

Step 2: Gut the Speakers

It took a while but I just hammered away at the back of the speakers and pulled them out. It makes a mess, so place a sheet down or be prepared to sweep. It's worth it :)

Step 3: Screw 'em Together

I placed them vertically on top of one another and screwed them together from the inside middle section. Don't be afriad to use too many screws.

Get the legs you picked out and screw them on each corner. Make sure their very sturdy!

Step 4: Stain Away

This is the time to stain if you want to. If not, get the speacker covers if yours came with them and put them on the front. I made little handles for mine so it was easier to access my dvd collection.

Now you should have a badass speaker storage unit!!



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    This would be a pretty neat project if you were able to document what you did. I get that you did it a while ago, but perhaps you could add some how-to content?