Step 4: A Little Surgery

In order to get the wires to come out of the controller and get everything to fit in again I needed to cut a small groove into the shell of the controller. You should probably find a better place to make the incision as mine was sort of uncomfortable to hold afterwards. I also applied some hot glue to my connections to ensure they didn't break after a little bit of rough handling. Depending on your soldering skills this may not be necessary. 
After the cut is made everything should fit back together with the wires coming out of the controller. Now if you bought the T8H screwdriver you can put all the screws back in place, but if you didn't i recommend putting some more user friendly screws back instead. 
I also recommend trying out the controller here to ensure there are no soldering mistakes and that everything works, otherwise take it apart and double check everything. This is were allot of patience is needed. 
What's the point if you have the cheat??? Get a life!!!
<p>stop being a jerk and shut up your whiny I think it is awesome what he made it is cool so suck it</p>
The whole point was to see if I could, and try and win a contest. Stop you're complaining. Doesn't work properly anyway. needed help that's why I put it up.
<p>Try adding a delay in.</p>
Can't add a delay. Sorry I can't remember why anymore (I made this a few years ago). But the major issue is that I can't add a delay otherwise a standard denounce program would be able to work. I believe that once there is a delay the controller is unable to sync to the Xbox, because Microsoft can detect that there is another microcontroller because the pins on the remote are not receiving any signal, or something along those lines.
I'm looking to make some rapid fire mod chips. I have this same Ardunio. <br>Can some one tell me where i can get the hex code and maby a instructable <br>to watch. If there are any responces to this post please take the time to send me <br>a link to your reply in a email as I dont use this fourm much. <br>Stephen T <br>cbpolishing@yahoo.com
I have the code in this instructable, not quite sure what your asking?
Nice. Consider replacing your digitwrites with direct pin access commands. See http://arduino.cc/en/Reference/PortManipulation <br> <br>It would be cool to wire up the whole board and have the Arduino completely play a game without help. I am thinking something like Minecraft in creative mode where you could script character to build a house or something. :)
Then why are u looking at it does that mean ur bad as well, cause u had to be looking for something related to come across this .... N well yea does that mean ur bad at games? Should u stop playing? .... Do u see my point
He may have stumbled upon this, on the home page or in the arduino section, But I get you're point.
Hey dude you get in some serious trouble for this you know
How so?<br>
No matter how you look at it it is cheating. I mean why would you need to do this unless you aren't very good at the game, and if that is the case then you shouldn't be playing the game in the first place.
As I said above please DON'T use it online. Play against your friends or the cpu. Besides if you learned from the experience (as in diy) than you have at least learned something from playing a video game. Rather than mindlessly sitting. Besides when using a semi automatic weapon in the game it matters more about connection speed than trigger finger fire rate. If you don't like it than don't build it.
i would put a female connector just above the battery that way you could choose weather you want the wire there or not
If I do it again and I can find some female connectors I will defiantly do that, as it is i just wrap the wires behind the controller.
seems like a good idea. love the name. <br>
Thanks glad you like it. please vote for it in the contest.
Excellent idea! <br>This might have been better with a Teensy, then you could have included the microcontroller inside the xbox controller's case, and left a micro usb port exposed for re-programming. <br>
Yeah probably could have done better but I don't have a teeny. If I win the contest I will :) Also there is not allot of room inside the controller I guess it depends on how teeny the teeny is.

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