Step 4: A Little Surgery

Picture of A Little Surgery
In order to get the wires to come out of the controller and get everything to fit in again I needed to cut a small groove into the shell of the controller. You should probably find a better place to make the incision as mine was sort of uncomfortable to hold afterwards. I also applied some hot glue to my connections to ensure they didn't break after a little bit of rough handling. Depending on your soldering skills this may not be necessary. 
After the cut is made everything should fit back together with the wires coming out of the controller. Now if you bought the T8H screwdriver you can put all the screws back in place, but if you didn't i recommend putting some more user friendly screws back instead. 
I also recommend trying out the controller here to ensure there are no soldering mistakes and that everything works, otherwise take it apart and double check everything. This is were allot of patience is needed. 
alindsey33 years ago
i would put a female connector just above the battery that way you could choose weather you want the wire there or not
Zaphod Beetlebrox (author)  alindsey33 years ago
If I do it again and I can find some female connectors I will defiantly do that, as it is i just wrap the wires behind the controller.