Step 6: Reassembly

Picture of Reassembly

Once you have wired up the BT module, install the CF adapter. Carefuly thread the BT power, ground, LED and audio leads around the CF adapter and position it as shown. Use a little bit of tape to keep things in place. You might also want to glue down your wires so they don't break off.

The kind of wire you use also makes a big difference. If the wires are too large, you will have trouble closing the case. I used wire wrap wire the first time around but found it was too fragile and kept having to repair broken connections. 28g or 30g "soft" wire works best.
look at the last slide before this there are three. the blue wire is audio ground.
nrusnak7 years ago
i would like to know what the hot glued wires are for? and because i do not see a place for the ground audio common where does it go?