Picture of Mod a Cute Halter from a Crew Neck T Shirt
My guy gifted me this hand-painted T shirt from recent travels with the inherent challenge - that I make it wearable. Follow these instructions and you can turn any ill-fitting souvenir T into a cute slouchy halter top you'll wear all summer. You'll need thread, a sewing machine with at least zig-zag, an overlock is better, 1/4 yard of contrasting knit fabric or another T shirt of complimentary color, a large safety pin, the usual scissors and pins, and a dress form or warm body to fit.
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Step 1: Getting Started

Picture of Getting Started
Lay the T shirt flat on your work surface with the body aligned as straight as you can, with the design you like best facing front.

Step 2: Styling the halter front by making some choice cuts.

Picture of Styling the halter front by making some choice cuts.
Measure 4" out from the edge of the Crew band on either side and mark with a pin.
Using a straight edge, draw a line down at an angle from this point shearing off the sleeve and armscye (that's the sleeve seam). Cut along this line.

Step 3: The Patterning Reverse and Repeat Trick

Picture of The Patterning Reverse and Repeat Trick
I like to take the sleeve I just cut and flip it and align it over the top of the other, uncut sleeve, matching edges as best I can. Then, I use a straight edge and transfer the cut line with a pencil. Cut off the other sleeve along this line, so they angles match as closely as possible.

Step 4: Slice the Shoulders

Picture of Slice the Shoulders
Cut the shoulder seam on both sides, and trim the old seam away completely from both new edges.

Step 5: Halter and Yoke

Picture of Halter and Yoke
Take your contrasting fabric and other T shirt. This works best if you use a slightly bigger T than your halter. Slice off the bottom contrasting T at 4" from the bottom or cut a 4" band from another knit fabric, at least 2 inches longer than the circumference of the halter T bottom. Cut another 1" strip from the body of the contrast T or fabric, a yard long. You'll need to cut this so it rolls upon itself, making a tube, so work your warp and weft to optimize the curl.
I have seen other halters from ts but I like how you added another t for contrast. I think that I would just cut from the arm pit to the collar instead of 4 inches from the collar, but otherwise it looks good. I don't know if this helps, but it looks like she uses a zig zag stitch, which works best with t-shirt material.
Ninzerbean6 years ago
By "ill fitting" do you mean "large"? I just spent 2 hours of ruining an ill fitting t-shirt, which was not large at all - just ill fitting - too tight a neck. Please, for the sake of those who have not tried this, show more steps on how to pin such stretchy fabric as a t-shirt, (could the paint on your shirt have something to do with it seeming to look a lot more stiff than a reg. t-shirt? What did you do with the 3 or so inches of fabric next to the collar and how have you tied in the gussets to the side seams - not how you pinned them but how you sewed them. The way you show them pinned in the photo bears no resemblance to how they need to be sewn. You are obviously a very good sewer but for those like me who are not intuitive you could show more. Using a variety of zig zag stitches did not keep my shirt stretchy but made it less stretchy. Thank you for a great idea.
Icypink2226 years ago
i like the idea..but somehow i find it very hard with ur instructions(maybe cus im onlyin middle school) but can u make a video about this?
I love cute little tops from t-shirt...it's always so comfortable affordable and syling!! love it ..great work!
Thanks secret! Me too.
itsybrittc7 years ago
I think I did a relatively successful job with this one. Thanks for the great instructable. I don't have that handy dandy machine to serge the edges... I did a lot of hemming but all in all I think I ended up with a pretty cute shirt thanks again
NICE. Seriously.
roe6krow9 years ago
awesome design i always have trouble making halter tops and this will surely help
free t-shirts?! lucky! i hardly can trust myself with redesigning my shirts =(
arwen9 years ago
Yeah, this is great! Nice to know what to do with all those huge free t-shirts I get...
radiorental9 years ago
very nice instructable, I'll pass this on to my better half who is a seamstress and always looking for great ideas like this