Mod a Mashmallow Gun to Nerf!





Introduction: Mod a Mashmallow Gun to Nerf!

Learn to mod this marshmallow gun below! Also comes in red and blue.

Step 1: Materials

1.10 in of cpvc pipe
2. glue gun kleenex
5.duct tape

note: chicken, or tv remote are not neccicary, though highly recommended to target practice with.

Step 2: Tape!

Wrap tape around the cpvc pipe untill it barely will go down the barrel, once in the barrel, do not remove.

Step 3: Kleenex

Get a kleenex, and wrap around the piece of pipe, then situate the pipe so it's straight.

Step 4: Hot Glue!

Plug in your hot glue gun. Wait till it is just barely able to come out. then put glue all over the kleenex .

Step 5: Ranges and Other Stuff

The range with regular darts is 66 feet average. With stefans, I get 100 feet average. Don't pump over 25 times, bad stuff happens!

Built in coupler!

Open the breech.
Put stefan in the back of the pipe.
Pump 25 times.

Below you can see the guns I am planning to show how to mod.
They include:
Big Bad Bow
Marshmallow Gun
Air Tech 2000



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    y dont you put up peg bored in your closet

    bad things happen, that reminds me of banjo tooie where if you try to leave the train station by the tracks jamjars says, "i wouldn't go down there if i were you, there are bad things there..."

    after readin this it inspired me to try to turn my pump-rocket thing into nerf, it shoots like 300 feet in the air with a big rocket, so i hope it does even better with nerf XD

     i have built the same thing i used different materials but same marshmallow gun mine shoots over 100ft with out angled (with normal nerf darts) i was wondering if urs shoots strait at close ranges mine only shoots strait up to like 30ft this is alot better then any nerf gun the darts do not drop they go strait but some times rise and turn. would putting grooves in the barrel help?  

    When you measure distance, measure parallel to the ground. Is the distance you get from the gun angled? I mean, my best gun angled doesn't go near that distance when angled so Kudos anyways :D I might try making one of these from scratch, but I'm not sure how I should tackle it first...

    5 replies

    use a pvc air tank homemade instead of a ball valve add a air gun made for a compressor And add a barrel to that ! easy

    I own the 25mm pneumatic air rifle...
    I know it is.
    I own 6 potato guns total.

    Looks like cowscankill Can kill cows ! 

    thats confusing ..

    100 feet flat. No angle or any slope.

    Niiiice! Good job man!

    When?  Not to sound like your dad or anything..  but tasome pride.  Besides.. how are the ladies going to want to come ovke er if your place looks like that.  They would need a hepatitis shot. 

    1 reply

    I meant I already did smart one.

    How about you clean your freakin room!!

    1 reply

    One step ahead of you :D

    $30 off their site. You can find it at most toy stores and most places online too.

    could you just put say 5 darts in the muzzle and use it as a shotgun and leave out this whole process, not that it is bad, its great actually but puting 5 darts in it might work as well

    1 reply

    if you want a 2 foot range, then I suppose you could do that.

    probably forgot about this but the air tank blows up, and the gun is useless. mine did that and i lost my primary.

    what happens if you pump it over 25 times?